In the summer of 2017, I studied gelato courses in Italy. In the advanced course, we studied how to make LGI Gelato. This gelato does not taste so sweet as cane sugar, and the calories are low. After returning to the United States, I began to actively develop LGI gelato with great taste.

In the United States, LOW CARB ice cream is sold for people that want to avoid too much sugar. However, there is no ice cream that is really suitable for diabetics. Before I sent my products to the Low Glycemic Certification laboratory to test, I did at least a few hundred blood glucose tests. Fortunately, our 12 flavors of LGI gelato passed the low glycemic index for the first time.


I greatly appreciated the Low Glycemic Certification Lab’s Scientist, Dr. Leahy. He gave me a lot of technical guidance and encouraged me to keep working on developing healthy food. We hope that our LGI products will bring the feeling of health and happiness to the hyperglycemic community. Our mission is to promote everybody’s metabolic health.


- Yi-Min Tseng